Welcome to Vignan Bharathi

Vignan Bharathi School , over a decade has created a bench mark for its quality education .

We provide high quality learning environment that is innotative, challenging and enterprising.Strong emphasis is placed on disicipline & habits associated with responsible citizenship.

We,in Vignan Bharathi believe that every child is born with a unique talent , which just needs to be explored and treasured effectively.Employing innovative methodology to promote learning with an activity oriented curriculum designed to meet international standards, it has been the constant endeavour of the school to make education increasingly child – friendly.Apart from main school,A kindergarten school ( KIDS KINGDOM) is also being run in this campus.

Vignan Bharathi feels immensely pleasured to step ahead with concept of 3D’s education and work towards developing 3D in every child i.e. Discipline,Dedication and Determination.These 3D’s play a very important role in shaping the future of the child and hence are inculcated beyond books.